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Wondershare Transpod Lite for Mac is the quickest Way to Back up iPhone, iPod and iPad, it can help you:
Back up music, movies, photos, eBooks, playlists (audio books included)
Able to share media files from other’s iPhone, iPod or iPad with ease
Support all iPod, iPhone, iPad models
Click only once to finish your iPhone/iPod/iPad backup
Wondershare TransPod Lite for Mac is an easy to use transfer for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It enables you to transfer music, movie, video, photo, ringtone, eBook (audio-book included), playlist etc. from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, even your family’s iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes or Mac. With the Mac TransPod Lite, you can easily and quickly backup any of your files on iPhone/iPod/iPad with only one click.
iTunes crash and lose your media data? Wanna Rebuild iTunes library?
Back up your iPhone, iPod or iPad music?
Preserve your iPhone/iPad/iPod photos from whatever sources on your Mac?
Here you can easily do that with this backup tool!
With its help you can:
1.Easily backup iPhone/iPod/iPad
-Backup music, movie, photo, playlist, eBook, audio-book, ringtone etc. on your iPhone/iPod/iPad with one click.
-Well support for all Apple iOS devices including iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 4, iPod nano, iPod shuffle etc.
-Great helper to restore/rebuild iTunes when newly get a new Mac or come across iTunes crash and so on.
2.Backup at your command
-Able to choose any iPhone/iPod/iPad items for backup, i.e. you can transfer files back to your iTunes/Mac without synchronization.
-Support to customize photo backup. You can drag your photos, video shots on iPhone/iPod/iPad to any folder on your Mac.
3.Enjoy More conveniences
-Automatically mark the existing items on iTunes, avoiding creating duplicate files.
-Visual management – you can view your music, movies, pictures etc. in list view or thumbnail view.
-The iPod to iTunes Mac tool never wastes your time with its quick response ability. e.g. it’s able to read as much as 5000 songs in 15m.
Wondershare DVD to iPod Ripper is powerful iPod Nano Chromatic DVD Converter and iPod Touch DVD Converter which can convert any DVD movies to iPod Touch and iPod Nano video formats, it also extract audio from video to iPod. This iPod Nano Chromatic Converter comes with a very easy and intuitive interface and various powerful functions.
This professional DVD to iPod Touch Converter allows you to select DVD movie audio tract and subtitle, select any DVD chapters/titles to convert, trim your DVD chapters/titles to only convert your favorite clips, and crop DVD video and so on. Wondershare DVD to iPod Ripper is the best partner for you to enjoy your DVD movies on different types of iPods, even New iPod Touch 2 and iPod Nano Chromatic.
key features:
1. Convert DVD to iPod video formats such as MP4, MOV with excellent output quality. New upgrade to convert DVD to iPod Touch 2 and Convert DVD to iPod Nano Chromatic Video Formats.
2. Convert audio from DVD to iPod MP3, M4A and AAC.
3. New upgrade to convert DVD to iPod Touch 2 and Convert DVD to iPod Nano Chromatic.
4. Built in iPod File Manager Integrated with an iPod file manager that can help you manage iPod video and iPod music, it allows you transport music, movies and TV shows between iPod and PC.
5. Support all iPods including iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch and new iPod Touch 2, iPod nano 4.
6. Convert and Merge DVD chapters/ titles Let you choose to select any DVD titles/chapters to rip, and merge all selected into one file.
7. Multiple output aspect ratios Support various video aspect ratios including 16:9, 4:3 and full screen.
8. Capture movie screen Capture your favorite movie screenshots and save them as jpeg or bmp format and put them on your iPod.
9. Trim movie length Trim the length of any DVD chapter or title to capture your favorite clips.
10. Crop video Cut off the black sides of your DVD movie and enjoy your DVD on iPod with full screen.

Enfermedades en los peces: Enfermedad columnar (columnaris)

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Mantener temperatura adecuada, desinfección del ma-
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Tratamiento: Antibióticos.

LOMBRICULTURA Costos de producción

LOMBRICULTURA Costos de producción Todo agricultor antes de tomar la decisión de adoptar una tecnología o implementar un cultivo consi...